Mutt Cuts offers quality dog and cat grooming, conscientious care of your pet and award-winning service all at affordable prices!

To the Pet Parent, I promise... 

•To do everything within my power to make your experience pleasant.
•To build a relationship with you that can stand the test of time.
•To provide you with professional attention and exceptional service.
•To emphasize that your pet's routine grooming is as important as its health and diet.
•To offer convenient a grooming schedule that is flexible and convenient.
•To strive for a consistently high standard of care for you and your pet.

To the Pet, I promise... 

•To get you excited when you walk into my salon!
•To make you look and smell as beautiful or handsome as I possibly can!
•To pay extra special attention to you while you are in my care, allowing you to feel comfortable with your grooming experience!
•To create a happy and positive environment during each visit so that you want to return for a regularly scheduled appointment!
•To invigorate and refresh the pup or kitten in you, and to offer the most gentle and calming atmosphere for the senior pet!